Become a “Big” Promoter 

Who were your Heroes Growing Up?
  • Who did you admire when you were in grade school? In junior high? In high school? Why?
  • Who did you want to be like you grew up?
  • What did you want to do when you grew up? Why?
  • Who made the most impact on your life besides your parents and other family members?

Hopefully you took a moment to reflect on the questions above.  Where would you be without caring adults, mentors, and role models in your life?  Each one of us has an opportunity to Inspire, Ignite, and Empower the next generation of young people through mentorship, advocacy or both.

We are always looking for mentors but this year we are also looking for advocates to become “Big Promoters” that will help us recruit more Bigs in 2019.  Recruitment of mentors is a collective process. Bigs sharing their stories and their experiences as well as promoting the importance of mentorship could go a long way in helping us find mentors for the young people waiting for their next Hero in the form of a mentor.  Would you like to become an official Promoter with BBBST?    
“Big Promoter Qualifications 
1) You must be a supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle
2)Willing to not attend meetings or be a part of a committee. ☺
3) Understand the purpose and importance of  mentorship.
4) Willing to engage and share your circle of influence with information about Big Brothers Big Sisters.
5)  Willing to attend a Speakers Bureau training to learn more about our new and exciting branding and impact language to help with          recruitment.
6) Willing to encourage people to attend one of our monthly scheduled orientations to learn more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters programs.
7) Willing to wear a FREE really cool t-shirt to promote Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle.
If you are interested in becoming a Big Promoter please contact Barron Damon Today at or 919-850-9772 Ext 104 for more information. We will schedule our first Speakers Bureau Training this summer