Beyond School Walls

A Workplace Mentoring Program

What is Beyond School Walls?
Beyond School Walls is a version of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ nationally recognized School-Based mentoring program that changes the normal Big Brothers Big Sisters dynamic slightly in an exciting way by having a group of students from local elementary and middle schools meet with their Bigs at the workplace instead of the school.

The Beyond School Walls Workplace Mentoring model is a one-to-one Site-Based Mentoring program during the school year. This new program initiative introduces middle school youth to jobs early in their middle school years, allowing them to experience what it means to work for a corporation and the educational requirements needed to achieve professional success, all while building a strong and supportive mentoring relationship. This program model has been structured based on other Big Brothers Big Sisters workplace mentoring programs from around the country that have been proven successful.


Need for the Program
Beyond School Walls (BSW) is considered an extended learning opportunity. (ELO) The term “ELO” serves as an umbrella phrase to accommodate the many different ways of enriching student experiences beyond traditional classroom instruction. This program provides students a way to learn and apply skills in a real-world setting. BSW activities are designed to offer students new experiences that complement or expand on their in-school work rather than duplicating or continuing the regular school day. Our partnering companies can offer hands-on or experiential learning that students may not have in their regular classroom.

Beyond School Walls is also being created to help schools build greater engagement with their surrounding community. Schools can take on a critical, central role in the community by coordinating broader systems of student support and brokering relationships between local partners with the support of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

What are the Benefits for the Students?

The Beyond School Walls program can provide many benefits for students as well as the greater community.

Children are exposed to professional environments, new career paths and life goals are introduced, and lives are truly changed.  

Impact on Children:* 

Children mentored by Beyond School Walls Bigs: 

• Improved their focus at school

• Improved their grades 

“I used to want to be a teacher. Now I want to be a president of a company.”

Beyond School Walls Little

 *Source: BBBS of Southeastern Pennsylvania

What are the Benefits for the Volunteers?

Impact on Employees:*

• 96% agree that the program has positively impacted them 

• 83% are more likely to work for a firm that has a reputation for volunteering in the community 

• 85% plan to continue their mentorship beyond the first year 

• 93% would recommend the program to colleagues 

“I constantly tell my friends, family, neighbors, and contacts about

“Beyond School Walls”                   

  Beyond School Walls Big

 *Source: BBBS of Southeastern Pennsylvania


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