Big Night Ball

Join us for a Night in Paris at our annual Big Night Ball on November 12th, 2021.  Our ball is virtual this year so you can attend from your living room! Sign up or become a sponsor today on our event website.

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Grants and Development Coordinator

Grants & Development Coordinator Position Summary: The Grants & Development Coordinator will focus on researching corporate, foundation and government grant opportunities as well as writing grant proposals and grant reports. The emphasis of this position will be to prepare compelling grant applications for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle’s (BBBST) strategic priorities. As part [...]

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Invest in our community

By donating monthly to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, you are investing in a community dedicated to igniting the potential within every child in the Triangle. Because you are one of our loyal supporters, we know how much you care about children in the Triangle who need mentors. Become a monthly supporter and [...]

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Send a piñata today!

Donate $50 or more between now and June 30th and we will mail your loved one a piñata filled with candy and wearing a personal note from you to brighten their day. Your kind gesture will also brighten a child's future by strengthening our mission!

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Stroll for Kids’ Sake

Stroll For Kids’ Sake is Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle's newest fundraiser. Hundreds of people across the Triangle will raise money to support BBBBT as we change how children grow up! Then teams will get together virtually or as a small group and stroll as a team. Stroll For Kids’ Sake is the [...]

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March Madness

Join in our March Madness campaign and help your favorite team win!  Vote by making a donation on your team page and watch them climb the leaderboard.  Team pages are open March 22nd-March 24th! Search for: NCSU NC Central Duke UNC Vote for your favorite team on our March Madness site here 

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Trivia Night

Join us for our Online Sports Trivia Challenge and Debate Night on Thursday, February 25th at 7:00 PM.  You will learn more about Big Brothers Big Brothers of the Triangle, have some fun playing sports trivia, meet some community minded men and win some great prizes. Don't forget to bring a friend.  Sign up today:

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