Don’t miss our exciting new STEM sessions during our Smart Saturday Academy through the month of September. You can RSVP now for any of the SSA sessions below.
July 20th – Kramden Institute’s
Tech Trailblazers 2-day STEM mini-camp offers fun, hands-on experience for students interested in information technology (IT). Students build computers, learn IT fundamentals, and explore tech career options. Must attend both sessions. These sessions usually cost $150 per mini camp.
August 10th – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  
Join us for this Big for A Day event sponsored by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. You will learn about money and finances in a fun and interactive way during this session. Make sure you save the date for this event. You don’t want to miss it.
August 24th –  Generation YES
Come out on the 4th Saturday of August to see what Torrez and Audra have planned next for our STEM scholars.
September 14th –  Back to School Picnic
One of our most popular events at Big Brothers Big Sisters.  We always have some STEM and lots of food, fun, and giveaways at our annual event.  Look out for the event registration later on in the summer.
* Please note that event dates and locations are subject to change based on presenters and partners
Please contact Barron Damon at or Andie Young or call (919-850-9772) to register
Our sessions will be held at our office except for STEM related tours. 808 Aviation Parkway Suite 900 from 10:00 to 12:00PM. Snacks are provided during our